Berlin / Senior Haskell Developer (m/w/d) / sofort / Nr. 4815

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Berlin / Senior Haskell Developer (m/w/d) / sofort / Nr. 4815

Für unseren Kunden in Berlin suchen wir ab sofort zur Festanstellung einen


Senior Haskell Developer (m/w/d)



As a member of the Backend Chapter, you will be responsible for the existing Haskell code base of the backend. For starters, you will join the ongoing effort of implementing federation between different backends. Your work will help enable people running their own backends to communicate with current cloud users. As you become more familiar with the code, you may end up working on more exciting projects such as our migration to Messaging Layer Security, or in-app document signing systems.


The Backend Chapter provide several microservices (the backend) that perform a variety of tasks, including handling registrations and logins, pushing messages to clients via WebSockets, sending out emails, uploading pictures in S3, and protecting our users’ privacy by proxying requests to Spotify/YouTube/Giphy.


Code-wise, we are in the process of switching to servant for our routing, but in many places we are still using wai-route (a much less popular predecessor of servant which has some surprising similarities once you start looking deeper); persistence happens mostly in cassandra (cql-io); and there are of course lots of other bits and pieces from the Haskell ecosystem we depend on, and occasionally contribute to. Go take a look!



– You have a BS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience

– You’re enthusiastic about software security and designing, building, and running distributed and scalable systems

– You enjoy documenting yourself away

– You can read our Haskell code, and feel confident you can work with it



– Berlin



– sofort


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